Monday, October 25, 2010

I want to go to there

It's been raining here for the past few days, which means I've watched my favorite rainy day movies. What are they, you might ask?: Tied for first place are Casablanca and The Philadelphia Story.  Speaking of weather, we've already had our first frost.  It was supposed to snow 3-5 inches Wednesday night, although I'm sad to say we didn't see any of it.  Jens says he expects snow to be in full force within the next two weeks.  So pumped! 

Earlier Wednesday morning I went on a hike with Devin to Clark's reservation.  We were walking on the prettiest rock formations I've ever seen.  The trail took us down to the edge of a lake, which was even more beautiful with the trees dressed in their autumn colors. (I took a picture with my phone, but it really doesn't do it justice.)  Anyone who comes to visit will be taken here.  Get used to it, folks.  It's even open in the winter.

I'm currently taking the week-long Medical Administration class at the CNYDSO (Central New York Developmental Services Office) which, upon passing, will certify me to administer meds.  Among all of the really interesting and important information that I'm learning about current prescriptions etc., I've also gained a much bigger respect for all the nurses of the world, for they are the people that will always be (and have always been) blamed.

Oooh- we have 3 Halloween costume parties this week.  Good thing I really like my costume:  I'm Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, which means I wear converses (her "work shoes"), jeans, a blazer and black rimmed glasses. So easy, and way less involved than some of the other costumes going on around here.  (a cop, a sheriff, a snow angel, phantom of the opera, little red riding hood, inigo montoya, fairies, etc).  Oh, and I get to say things like "blurgh", "I want to go to there", "I'm going to go talk to food about that", and "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ack!".  I may even sing about night cheese.

Fun fact of the week:  I walked into the family room Thursday night, and Mike said "Hi, friend" when he saw me come in.  So happy.

Ohh, I have one more story to share.  It's about a girl who met this cute boy on a dock in St. Mary's county.  On the 29th, it'll be 5 years that we've been together.  Sooo happy.

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