Saturday, October 16, 2010

foolish grace

Anne Lamott once wrote, "Grace is having a committment to- or at least an acceptance of- being ineffective and foolish."  I was particuarly graceful making dinner Friday night.  The predetermined main course for dinner was steak (something that neither of us assistants were familiar with cooking).  Faced with this daunting task, we turned to google for help, and chose the sear-then-broil option.  Just sear the steak, then stick it in the oven to broil! 

Long story short, searing a steak produces a lot of smoke.  A LOT. Enough to trigger the fire alarm.  Perhaps I subconsciously wanted a chance to see the evacuation plan come to life.  But let me tell you, this house is a well-oiled machine.  We all evacuated the house very calmy into the rain, and ended up laughing about it all in the end.  The guys even said the steak was delicious.

On an unrelated note I went shopping today, and I paid with money I'd earned.  I haven't had that feeling for a while.  It felt good.

Other highlights of the week:
It was Peter's birthday on Thursday! 
I got many letters and packages!  Thanks to all!
My webcam is now working, so if you want to make a date, let me know.
I got paid for the first time.
I signed up with the Onondaga Free Library.  (!)
I got a key to the house.
I'm loving every minute I spend with the core members.

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