Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome, winter!

 These top two pictures are of our first snowfall of the year! Right on top of the clothesline.

And now for the snow from the last two days:



This is the table on the back landing that is covered with snow. Pete and I put our hands there so you could get an idea of how much snow has accumulated so far.

Definitely over a foot! (And another 10 inches or so tonight!)

Week Highlights (besides the obvious snow):
- Assistant hang-out night with the game "things" and some much needed water.
- Playing my keyboard (felt soooo good)
- Sharing time at the Croyden home.  :)
- Dinner, Movie, Discussion night at the Radin/Remby house!
- Skype-ing/ phone calls with family
- I'm almost done Christmas shopping!
- We drew names for Secret Santa (I got Mike--shhhhh!)
- Joy and Maria visit in 10 days.  And I go home in 17. Can't wait!

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